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The Love Dimension Takes You to Another Dimension 

By Stephanie Zhu for Pow Magazine

Check out their latest album, Dream Decibels. 

With a complete, cohesive flow from start to finish, Dream Decibels takes you through the spectrum of human experience, to the stars and cosmos beyond, and then gently carries you back down to earth with their final song “Back Home.” 

Every song on this album has its own purpose and intent. The songs vary dramatically to give you different energetic vibes and feelings. They flow together seamlessly, making for a complete e(ar)-xperience.

Kicking it off with “Faster Than the Speed of Light”: like the name implies, it’s a high-powered anthem that instantly gets you going and brings you up to speed. This is what The Love Dimension offers on first listen, that energetic rocker vibe. 

Then, it eases into “Super Velvet Eagle,” slowing it down. This song invoked powerful imagery when I closed my eyes. I saw trippy amoeba-like blobs shrinking and then growing in size. To complement these visuals, the song awakened feelings of traveling through time and space with its synthy guitar, reminiscent of “Tame Impala,” while holding onto their hard rock persona. 

The lyrics say things like, “And you tell yourself this is where you’re meant to be,” plus “Are you ever coming back?” These powerful words make you question where you are in the present, infusing the past by making you reflect on every action that has brought you to this current moment, and pointing to the future by asking the questions that place your destiny in the palm of your hands.

The next two songs get you grooving with more classic psychedelic rock sounds. 

In the songs “Another Hundred Suns” and “How Many Miles,” you can’t help but feel the good vibes and tingling through your veins. Everything came alive: my hips were gyrating; my head began to bang unconsciously and then consciously. 

It just goes to prove that the album builds in an intentional and meaningful way. It slowly awakens each body part, one at a time. Following the excitement and rise in energy from those songs, “Infinity Return” slows it back down. After moving so many parts of your body, this song gives you a chance to channel in the restorative yin energy, putting you in a trance. It showcases the effect that music and vibrations can have on your body and soul. 

The Love Dimension shows off their versatility here, proving they can appeal to harder rockers as well as more trancey psychedelic music enthusiasts.

The rest of the album flows just as seamlessly. “Possessed by Possessions” makes you question your relationship to objects, with sounds and lyrics that mimic what it feels like to be overburdened by material possessions. 

Then we tap into the universe and the power of the elements with “Cosmic Elevation.” With lyrics like, “your body becomes the earth again,” this song made me think about the fact that nature has its cycle, and us meager humans can’t do anything to stop it. The earth will come to claim us, and then we will move on to cosmic elevation. It is our destiny. Death isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s a part of the cycle. 

Finally, the last three songs calm you down and bring you back to earth. Again, the vibe is so different from previous songs; it’s almost like another band is playing. It’s wildly impressive and shows the many different layers of The Love Dimension.

The album as a whole is phenomenal. It makes sense, and it takes you through both human and otherworldly experiences. It brings you down when you need to feel certain emotions and those parts of the human experience. It tranquilizes you when you need to be calmed. And finally, it has rocking hits that will get your body moving and grooving.

The Love Dimension - Another Hundred Suns - Review 

In the track “Another Hundred Suns”, crunchy acid riffs hover along with the hot wind, picking up the dynamic pace, making your speakers exert themselves and putting a strain on your neck.

The Love Dimension gives the right amount of energy through the imperishable vintage transformer. If in the wild, desolate defect of the space-time continuum, Birth Control and Primal Scream had collided, “Another Hundred Suns” would have been born. Hallucinogenic sandy fuzz, a dense drum thread and a combination of twisting vocals make it absolutely clear what sound pressure is.

On January 18, The Love Dimension dropped their fourth LP “Dream Decibels”, full of soulful melodies and quaint action, where grunge, garage rock, surf and much more are patched with psychedelic Californian shreds from the 60's. Read more

PREMIERE: SF’s The Love Dimension tackles tour life with ‘How Many Miles’ video 

Drawing from the feral energy of grunge and the mind-altering haze of ’60s psychedelia, The Love Dimension bridges the gap between three decades with a knack for infectious riffs and fire-starting hooks. The San Francisco denizens are gearing up to start 2019 with the release of their fourth LP, Dream Decibels. They’re also no stranger to the road, as their music video for “How Many Miles” exemplifies...Read more

Happy Solstice/Holidays and New Albums 

Happy solstice and holiday season to you!

What an intense year 2018 was! So many twists and turns in this "being human" drama. We're looking forward to the break and starting fresh in 2019.

We know you may have already mentally checked out for the holidays so this is a quick update to let you know what's happening with The Love Dimension.

We received the vinyl for our new album, Dream Decibels, the other day and you can see a picture of it on our instagram page.

The album will be available in physical form at our first 2019 show on 1/18 presented by Truecho at Thee Parkside in San Francisco with our good friends Agouti and The Green Door. It will also be available on all the usual digital outlets on that same day. Follow us on Spotify to get an update when it is released.

In addition to this show, we're working on putting together our 10 year anniversary show which will be happening in late February. More details to come soon.

The last thing to share is that singer and guitar player for The Love Dimension, Jimmy Dias, released two solo albums this fall. Give them a spin and share with your friends and family!

Listen to Jimmy Dias' Solo albums "Divided States" and "The Reverse Opposite" on Spotify

If you don't have Spotify, you can also listen to them on bandcamp.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

From all of us in the Love Dimension, we wish you an amazing holiday season and happy new year!

P.S. As an exclusive for our mailing list members, we have attached a free download of the last track on the album titled "Back Home". It is a song inspired by the winter time so we thought it would be appropriate to share it with you. This song won't be available to the general public until 1/18 so enjoy!

PREMIERE: Stream The Love Dimension’s new EP, Acceptance

By Roman Gokhman

San Francisco groovy psychedelia revivalists The Love Dimension will release a new EP March 30. Acceptance is five tracks reminiscent of The Doors, The Mamas and the Papas and a bit of  Jefferson Airplane. The band, led by frontman Jimmy L. Dias, will perform its new material March 30 at a record release show at Rickshaw Stop, and have several Southern California shows this week leading up to the big reveal. 

The Love Dimension in concert 

Wednesday – 8 p.m. – 21+ 
Silverlake Lounge in L.A. $10. 

Liquid Earth Gathering fest (Pioneertown) $80-$120. 

Friday – 8 p.m. – 21+ 
Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara $10. 

8 p.m., Thursday, March 30 
Rickshaw Stop w/ Joshua Cook and The Key of Now 
Tickets: $10. 

To Dias, the name of the new record is about the acceptance of death, and that’s the central theme that courses through the songs. 

“We all avoid that reality,” he said. “We like to think there is always tomorrow, but you never know.  As I get older, it has become more and more important to me to enjoy each moment as much as possible.” 

If that is too grim, understand that the theme rides just below the surface. Listeners can focus on “acceptance” rather than the death. 

“You can’t change the past, but you can make a new choice in the present now,” Dias said. “So accept what is. If you like it, cool.  If not, make a new choice and move in a different direction.” 

The EP begins with the driving, hypnotic “I’ll Find A Way,” a la Golden Earring’s 1973 track “Radar Love,” before transitioning to the more straight-forward psychedelia, with strains of Americana, on “Hey Wall Street Man.” Dias said that a few years ago, he considered trying to make some money on the side by trading  stocks and options. Rather than coming up with an avenue to fund his own music, he lost a lot of cash. Learning to get over it and move on plays into the theme of the record. The titular character he sings to on the song is not any one person, but rather the powers that be that seemingly control other peoples’ lives. 

“I’m not judging anyone and saying anything is good or bad [because] that would be too much of a generalization,” he said. [Money] is a tool that can be used for whatever purpose and intention the person with it has. It just makes you more of what you already are.” 

The Love Dimension performs in numerous configurations, from Dias by himself to many more. Dozens of Bay Area musicians have performed with Dias over the years. For the EP, the frontman recorded with singer-percussionist Celeste Obomsawin, singer-keyboardist Devin Farney, drummer Sonny Pearce, bassist Tommy Anderson and guitarist Kyle DeMartini. While the SoCal shows will be performed as a quartet, the Rickshaw Stop concert will be performed as a seven-piece band.  Dias said he’s also working on a new full-length album, which has continued there trend of blending The Love Dimension’s ’60s sound with more modern influences from the ’90s, like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and The Pixies.

POW Magazine Reviews New EP by The Love Dimension - “Acceptance”

For nearly a decade, The Love Dimension has been a part of the San Francisco music scene. Known for having a unique and amorphous lineup, The Love Dimension defines themselves as a musical collective and has featured as many as 80 musicians throughout their existence. Every evolution brings new variants to the group’s sound, making for a diverse discography that can’t be placed into any one genre. This March sees the release of Acceptance, a new 5-track EP that showcases The Love Dimension’s wide range of influences and musical abilities. 

Acceptance opens with “I’ll Find A Way”, a tight, bass-throbbing track with hints of 70’s prog-rock, 90’s stoner rock, and 60’s psychedelia, combined in a way that sounds modern and new. The musicianship on this track is water-tight, with grandiose builds and wild guitar licks layered over the ultra-heavy foundation laid by the bass and drums. The following track, “Hey Wall Street Man”, is a fun, rock n roll romp with a bluesy progression that’ll get dance floors moving. “Would You Be Willing” and “The Cat Is Out” are both steeped in 60s influences- “Would You Be Willing” features poppy, garage-psych with catchy hooks and melodic basslines; “The Cat is Out” relaxes the sound into a laid-back 60s jam session, tinged with psychedelia. 

The EP’s closing track, “On and On”, has a track length as long as nearly all the other tracks combined, clocking in at just over 12 minutes. The track builds slowly, but throughout its duration travels through a vast landscape of varying tempos and sounds, ranging from ethereal to manic. It’s a wild trip that reflects the musical collective that defines The Love Dimension. 

Acceptance will be officially released March 30th, 2017 at The Love Dimension’s show at Rickshaw Stop in SF, and will be concurrently available for purchase online via the band’s website. 

Follow The Love Dimension: 

Review written by Sheena Salazar for POW Magazine


The Love Dimension Live in Portland at Bunk Bar 

Here are some videos courtesy of blueheronvideo.  This is from a performance at Bunk Bar in Portland, Oregon on January 27th 2017. (Full Set)  (Butterflies of Bliss)  (I'll Find a Way)  Bound to the Sound)  (How Many Miles)  (Together Again/When Soul Love Begins)  (Get Real Wild)  (Question Mark Heart/Got Gratitude)


idobi Sessions: The Love Dimension – “When Soul Love Begins”

Somewhere where the 60s, 90s, and 21st century meet sits The Love Dimension. The musical collective channels the essence of their San Francisco home-base into their tunes made for good vibes and singing along. 

Recently, they dropped by the idobi studios to perform not one, but two tracks exclusively for us. Watch “When Soul Love Begins”above, and “Get Real Wild” with the band here.

Happy Halloween! New Music Video for 'Ride the Waves (Get Up and Dance)'! 

Check out this Halloween themed music video of an unreleased song 'Ride the Waves (Get Up and Dance)' from some sessions The Love Dimension recorded a few years back. 

Video editing and arrangement by The Muse Department 

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Jason Kick and Andrew Scott Duncan at Studio Paradiso, Sound Arts, Baker Beach, and Room 5 in San Francisco, CA Dec 2009 - Dec 2010. 

Musicians featured on the recording: 

Jimmy L. Dias - Vocals, Guitar Percussion 

Celeste Obomsawin - Vocals, Percussion 

Raphael Wayman Davis - Bass, Percussion 

Jason Correia - Drums, Percussion 

Eric Amerman - Guitar, Keys, Theremin 

Jeff Moller - Guitar 

Jessica Sennett - Musical Saw/Singing Saw 

Roger Poulin - Guitar, Percussion 

Sean Carney - Guitar, Percussion 

Brian Fernald - Percussion 

Augustus DeVandry - Djembe 

Mikey 'Mayhem' Meadows - Bongos 

Derek Bernard - Djembe 

Mer Zee - Daf 

Eric Tyrone Brown - Didgeridoo 

Ra Genie - Tanpura Drone 

Digital single coming soon via A Diamond Heart Production 

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The Love Dimension Release 'Surf Heart' Video

The Love Dimension have released a video for their track "Surf Heart." The song comes from their latest EP release "Freakquency Mind Space Continuum." 

The new video for the instrumental clip features archival footage of San Francisco in the 1940s and 50s. "Surf Heart is the first instrumental to be released by the Love Dimension," singer Jimmy L. Dias explained. "It is about following your heart and dreams. That may not always be easy and there might be rough waters sometimes. 

"However, when you are present, in the zone, persistent, committed and do the work...well...then perhaps you could put yourself in a position to enjoy the ride when things in your life finally do line up and align. This music video was directed and edited by Mer Zandifar of the Muse Department. This is the second video that Mer has created for the band. 

"When we discussed doing the music video and collaborating, she thought the song represented a celebration of the archetypal memories in San Francisco. Thus making the video like a vision of surfing the waves of change and remembering to respect the land, our ancestors and the sacred elemental beauty of a city that transcends space and time."

Notable Local Records (from the SF Weekly) 

Wednesday, Jul 20 2016

Freakquency Space Mind Continuum by The Love Dimension; self-released 

The ghost of San Francisco past looms large these days. Our beautiful city is caught in the midst of an identity crisis — it seems, at times, in danger of coming apart at the seams. That's why The Love Dimension's latest EP, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, feels like such a nice surprise. It's a short, sweet, delightfully fun listen, a summery, surf-y, psychedelic revision of a time when life in San Francisco wasn't so complicated. 

"Short and sweet" are the key words here: The EP is barely 15 minutes long. But that's OK: The tunes are so catchy and easy on the ears they encourage repeat listens. 

The EP opens with "Together Again," its best and most memorable tune. It's a blast to listen to, a fun, playful, psychedelic pop ditty featuring stick-in-your-head, surf-inspired guitar licks, perfectly retro harmonized vocals, and simple, sing-along lyrics. 

"When Soul Love Begins" sounds like a classic garage rock tune. "Surf Heart," much as its name implies, owes its existence to Dick Dale. "Get Real Wild" and "It Could Be Awhile," a song in two parts, is my least favorite on the EP, but it's still remarkably catchy, to its credit. 

Fuzzy, hazy, lo-fi production is the rug that really ties the room together. You won't find any new ground broken on Freakquency, but sometimes unabashed nostalgia is all you need.

By Chris Zaldua

The Vinyl District Video Premiere: The Love Dimension, “Together Again” 

“I asked Matt Robeson from White Light Prism if he could make a video that combined surf themes with sacred geometry. What he created for ‘Together Again’ captured all of this and more. I really wanted something that captured that fun summer time feel but also had a spiritual side to it. The video is dizzying, hypnotic, and captivating. You can watch it over and over again and notice something different each time. This is the second video he has done for us. The first was for our song ‘The Lighthouse of Your Mind.’ Great stuff! Looking forward to working on future videos with him.” —Jimmy L. Dias 

Just in time for the heat of summer, we’re pleased to premiere The Love Dimension’s new video for their track “Together Again.” 

The Love Dimension, a psychedelic rock and roll group from San Francisco, take you on a magical surf ride with their smooth vocals and crashing beats. Founded by Jimmy L. Dias—who was training to be a shamanic healer only to find himself called back to music in 2009—The Love Dimension was assembled with a myriad of talented musicians along the way. 

“Together Again” has a message of unity is the perfect soundtrack for this scorching summer season. The video delivers the same vibe with its trippy flashes of beaches, bringing to mind the hot sand between your toes, the sun on your shoulders, and the sound of waves crashing around you. Images of silhouetted beach bums gathered on the sand imprint themselves, as twirling geometric shapes take to the forefront. It’s so bright, after watching it you’ll feel like you were staring at the sun. 

“Together Again” is taken from The Love Dimension’s latest EP, released just last month, “Freakquency Space Mind Continuum.”

By Allison Staulcup | July 15, 2016

EXCLUSIVE! 'Freakquency Space Mind Continuum' by The Love Dimension 


We take trip to the freakier side for this week’s second exclusive, in the company of psychedelic revivalists The Love Dimension 

Our second exclusive of the week is another full EP – and a treat for lovers of freakbeat and psychedelia, as San Francisco’s “psychedelic garage punk country surf” collective The Love Dimension kindly allow Songwriting to bring you the world premiere of their new EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum. 

Here’s what The Love Dimension tell us about themselves: “Resonating with the consciousness expanding goals of the 60s psychedelic movement, The Love Dimension creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multiverse. A musical vision that reflects the personal journey of band founder Jimmy L. Dias, who was on the path to becoming a shamanic healer when his own experiences of healing called him back to music.” 

And here’s what Mr Dias has to say about the EP: “This EP originally was just meant to be some solo demos. I hadn’t recorded on my own, playing all the instruments, since before the Love Dimension started back in 2008, but it was a really fun process recording with Tomas Dolas at Lolipop Studios. He’s a great producer and had many helpful suggestions to make the songs better than I originally envisioned. We recorded and mixed the EP in less than three days, and it turned out so well that I decided to release it. It was a good way to get some new music out there to hold people over while we shop around some unreleased recordings we’re currently sitting on. 

“The concept behind the title of Freakquency Space Mind Continuum is about interconnectedness at a universal mind level. But with emphasis on all the freaks, artists, musicians, creative people our there who have the ability to tap into those higher dimensions of consciousness and help manifest and reflect beauty into this 3D physical holographic world that we find ourselves in.” 

We’re loving this one… see what you think!

Together Again by The Love Dimension 


The Love Dimension has a vintage surf rock vibe that 1) makes me want more 2) sounds like it will translate perfectly live 3) reminds me of RIDE mixed with Nazz and Beach Fossils



California in the 1960s is synonymous with bands like The Beach Boys, Dick Dale, and others.  The Love Dimension are cut from the same cloth just five decades later. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the group’s latest single “Together Again,” a song which could have easily been a recently unearthed Turtles recording from the 60s. With the surf guitar and the tight vocal harmonies, “Together Again” is a veritable travel through time and space. Enjoy the ride. 

The track will appear on The Love Dimension’s new EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum will be released June 10th.

The Matinee May 31st 


by Ben Yung 

The Matinee May 31st is another extended one, featuring 9 new songs because two of them are inseparable. From New Zealand to Denmark, Australia to France, England to the USA, we have some pretty great new songs to start your day.

RIYL: Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Futurebirds 

“Zoom!”, those are the words that I often holler when hearing a psychedelic rock song that blisters with the delirious energy of Brian Jonestown Massacre, which is exactly what San Francisco trio The Love Dimension have crafted with “When Soul Love Begins”. Sure, the song has the familiar, twangy guitar line and the dizzying, kaleidoscope sound, but the sense of urgency that Jimmy Dias, Celeste Obomsawin, and Devin Farney have added brings the song to a feverish level.


The Love Dimension, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum. Album Review.


The Love Dimension, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum. Album Review.
Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10 

Forget that Time and space exists within one of the dimensions that humanity is trapped within, the finest dimension beyond those that only travellers with a mad man with a blue box can discover is that of The Love Dimension; after they truly so speak volumes to the adoring nature of music fans and those to whom the straight jacketed bombastic look down upon as freaks and peculiar. Yet each one who gravitates towards the unusual, who are attracted to the uncommon are normally rewarded with a trip into the fantastic and extraordinary. 

The band’s latest E.P., Freakquency Space Mind Continuum is one that hugs the extraordinary, that hums along to a different tune and allows the listener to breathe in the sparkle of imagination as if in a way they were witnessing the first moments of clear and unhindered belief to run through the course of history. 

It is clear that the E.P. finds its own channel to furrow and one that isn’t held back by the often meanderings of the frustratingly bored or blinkered, it alludes to the burgeoning scene of the 60s and the great renaissance of the time but also there is more circling underneath, more ravenous than a tiger shark smacking its lips at the thought of an unexpected free lunch. It is the hunger to entertain and enlighten that carries the music forward and the listener, in all their glory, is able to feast at the same table and take the biggest bite they can. 

The five track E.P., Together Again, When Soul Love Begins, Surf Heart, Get Real Wild and It Could Be A While gel so well that the space in between the tracks almost disappears, as if by design or the cosmic force at hand, they blend together giving an almost surreal concept to the piece and whilst each track is unerringly different, like the strangeness that runs through early Pink Floyd, the entangled dream in which the artist envisions is true and captivating. 

Forget the four dimensions, forget for a while that you are hurtling through space at a speed that is ridiculous and beautiful, the Love Dimension have the time for you to spend in blissful repose. 

Ian D. Hall



New EP is scheduled to be released 6/10.  Check out one of the songs on Entertainment Rocks.

San Francisco musical collective The Love Dimension have released their new single “When Soul Love Begins.” 

The psychedelic track is the first release off of the upcoming EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, due out June 10th. 

The Love Dimension founder Jimmy L. Dias, had this to say about “When Soul Love Begins”: 

‘When Soul Love Begins’ is about duality and unconditional love. For there to be dark there must also be light. When you swing the pendulum one way, it eventually gathers up energy so it can come back to the other side and balance things out. When we expand beyond that duality and separation into the oneness, we come to the realization that there is only unconditional love.  From that space we see how it is all included…every experience, every being, every life, etc.  The song is about no matter what is happening in your life and how challenging it may feel in the moment, that things will turn out ok when you make that inner shift in the present and focus on what is most important.  The mystery, the energy, the stream that runs through us and all things doesn’t judge.  It doesn’t say you are wrong or right or good or bad.  It just is.  We can be that too when we choose to attune ourselves to that frequency.  We can flow with it or we can fight it and try to swim up stream so our ego and mind feels like it accomplished something.  It is all in our choices and what we decide to bring our awareness and attention to.

PREMIERE: "When Soul Love Begins" on PureVolume 

Check out our new single!

With the city's tech boom of the past half decade, San Francisco's swinging '60s psychedelic rock scene, and recently, indie rock scene are steadily becoming things of the past. In the case of psych rock, that movement may be in history's rearview mirror, but the Love Dimension are making isn't doesn't fade away. The collective's mission statement is to "create sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multi-verse.” The Love Dimension reflects the personal journey of founder Jimmy L. Dias, who was on the path to becoming a shamanic healer before his experiences of healing were what brought him back to making music. He chose wisely, which you can hear on the band's trippy new single “When Soul Love Begins.” Sounding more 1966 than 2016, the song is a terrific reminder how vibrant the San Francisco sound once was with its kaleidoscopic aura. 

"Well its about duality and unconditional love. For there to be dark there must also be light," the band says of the tune. When you swing the pendulum one way, it eventually gathers up energy so it can come back to the other side and balance things out. When we expand beyond that duality and separation into the oneness, we come to the realization that there is only unconditional love. From that space we see how it is all included...every experience, every being, every life, etc. 

"The song is about no matter what is happening in your life and how challenging it may feel in the moment, that things will turn out ok when you make that inner shift in the present and focus on what is most important. The mystery, the energy, the stream that runs through us and all things doesn't judge. It doesn't say you are wrong or right or good or bad. It just is. 

"We can be that too when we choose to attune ourselves to that frequency. We can flow with it or we can fight it and try to swim up stream so our ego and mind feels like it accomplished something. It is all in our choices and what we decide to bring our awareness and attention to." 

The Love Dimension's new EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum will be released June 10th.

Desert Stars Music Festival 

We are playing a bunch of festivals this summer including the Desert Stars Music Festival in Joshua Tree! Check out our tour page for more details. We have a new album in the works too. More on that to come soon. Our latest album, "Create and Consume" is still available on CD, Vinyl and Online! Check it out spread the word!