The Love Dimension, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum. Album Review.


The Love Dimension, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum. Album Review.
Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 9/10 

Forget that Time and space exists within one of the dimensions that humanity is trapped within, the finest dimension beyond those that only travellers with a mad man with a blue box can discover is that of The Love Dimension; after they truly so speak volumes to the adoring nature of music fans and those to whom the straight jacketed bombastic look down upon as freaks and peculiar. Yet each one who gravitates towards the unusual, who are attracted to the uncommon are normally rewarded with a trip into the fantastic and extraordinary. 

The band’s latest E.P., Freakquency Space Mind Continuum is one that hugs the extraordinary, that hums along to a different tune and allows the listener to breathe in the sparkle of imagination as if in a way they were witnessing the first moments of clear and unhindered belief to run through the course of history. 

It is clear that the E.P. finds its own channel to furrow and one that isn’t held back by the often meanderings of the frustratingly bored or blinkered, it alludes to the burgeoning scene of the 60s and the great renaissance of the time but also there is more circling underneath, more ravenous than a tiger shark smacking its lips at the thought of an unexpected free lunch. It is the hunger to entertain and enlighten that carries the music forward and the listener, in all their glory, is able to feast at the same table and take the biggest bite they can. 

The five track E.P., Together Again, When Soul Love Begins, Surf Heart, Get Real Wild and It Could Be A While gel so well that the space in between the tracks almost disappears, as if by design or the cosmic force at hand, they blend together giving an almost surreal concept to the piece and whilst each track is unerringly different, like the strangeness that runs through early Pink Floyd, the entangled dream in which the artist envisions is true and captivating. 

Forget the four dimensions, forget for a while that you are hurtling through space at a speed that is ridiculous and beautiful, the Love Dimension have the time for you to spend in blissful repose. 

Ian D. Hall


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