EXCLUSIVE! 'Freakquency Space Mind Continuum' by The Love Dimension


We take trip to the freakier side for this week’s second exclusive, in the company of psychedelic revivalists The Love Dimension 

Our second exclusive of the week is another full EP – and a treat for lovers of freakbeat and psychedelia, as San Francisco’s “psychedelic garage punk country surf” collective The Love Dimension kindly allow Songwriting to bring you the world premiere of their new EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum. 

Here’s what The Love Dimension tell us about themselves: “Resonating with the consciousness expanding goals of the 60s psychedelic movement, The Love Dimension creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multiverse. A musical vision that reflects the personal journey of band founder Jimmy L. Dias, who was on the path to becoming a shamanic healer when his own experiences of healing called him back to music.” 

And here’s what Mr Dias has to say about the EP: “This EP originally was just meant to be some solo demos. I hadn’t recorded on my own, playing all the instruments, since before the Love Dimension started back in 2008, but it was a really fun process recording with Tomas Dolas at Lolipop Studios. He’s a great producer and had many helpful suggestions to make the songs better than I originally envisioned. We recorded and mixed the EP in less than three days, and it turned out so well that I decided to release it. It was a good way to get some new music out there to hold people over while we shop around some unreleased recordings we’re currently sitting on. 

“The concept behind the title of Freakquency Space Mind Continuum is about interconnectedness at a universal mind level. But with emphasis on all the freaks, artists, musicians, creative people our there who have the ability to tap into those higher dimensions of consciousness and help manifest and reflect beauty into this 3D physical holographic world that we find ourselves in.” 

We’re loving this one… see what you think!

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