Happy Halloween! New Music Video for 'Ride the Waves (Get Up and Dance)'!

Check out this Halloween themed music video of an unreleased song 'Ride the Waves (Get Up and Dance)' from some sessions The Love Dimension recorded a few years back. 


Video editing and arrangement by The Muse Department 

Recorded, Produced and Mixed by Jason Kick and Andrew Scott Duncan at Studio Paradiso, Sound Arts, Baker Beach, and Room 5 in San Francisco, CA Dec 2009 - Dec 2010. 

Musicians featured on the recording: 

Jimmy L. Dias - Vocals, Guitar Percussion 

Celeste Obomsawin - Vocals, Percussion 

Raphael Wayman Davis - Bass, Percussion 

Jason Correia - Drums, Percussion 

Eric Amerman - Guitar, Keys, Theremin 

Jeff Moller - Guitar 

Jessica Sennett - Musical Saw/Singing Saw 

Roger Poulin - Guitar, Percussion 

Sean Carney - Guitar, Percussion 

Brian Fernald - Percussion 

Augustus DeVandry - Djembe 

Mikey 'Mayhem' Meadows - Bongos 

Derek Bernard - Djembe 

Mer Zee - Daf 

Eric Tyrone Brown - Didgeridoo 

Ra Genie - Tanpura Drone 

Digital single coming soon via A Diamond Heart Production 

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