San Francisco musical collective The Love Dimension steeped itself in the music of the psychedelic era of the '60s then infused it with the sound of ‘90s grunge and other more contemporary influences to create “mind-expanding music” for the 21st century. Resonating with the consciousness expanding goals of the ‘60s psychedelic movement, The Love Dimension “creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multi-verse.” A musical vision that reflects the personal journey of band founder Jimmy L. Dias who was on the path to becoming a shamanic healer when his own experiences of healing called him back to music. In 2008, while continuing his training as a healer, Jimmy set out to find the right players for The Love Dimension. 

In January 2009, Jimmy played a solo acoustic show as The Love Dimension at a dive bar in San Francisco. Local club gigs followed with a rotating line-up supporting Jimmy (guitar/vocals), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute) and Raphael Wayman Davis (bass). During its first two years, the band recorded its first album, In Between Lives (2011) and several EPs and singles.  Then tragedy struck with the untimely death of bass player Raphael. The next few years saw several different band lineups and the release of several recordings including albums Forget the Remember (2012) and Create and Consume (2014).

The Love Dimension’s core lineup is Jimmy L. Dias (vocals/guitar), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute), Amy Jane Cronkleton (vocals), Robinson Kuntz (drums), Michael Summers (bass) and Devin Farney (keyboards/vocals).  The band has featured many other talented musicians such as Jacob Landry (guitar), Jeremy Walker (guitar), Joe Miller (drums), Kevin Grapski (bass), Ryan Erickson (bass/vocals), Eric Amerman (guitar/keys/drums),  Ryan Scott Long (drums), Sonny Pearce (drums), Tommy Anderson (bass), Kyle DeMartini (guitar), and Sean Carney (guitar) just to name a few.

Playing bigger shows at better venues, making festival appearances (including Desert Stars, Whole Earth, Haight Ashbury Street Fair, Gathering of the Tribes), getting radio play, the release in 2016 of the EP, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, the release in 2017 of the EP, Acceptance, and the release in 2018 of their fourth studio album, Dream Decibels, The Love Dimension is poised to make a move.

The Love Dimension plays in multiple configurations—from solo acoustic sets to 11-piece expanded lineups—depending on the needs of the venue and the occasion. Whatever the configuration, The Love Dimension will deliver a performance that will elevate the spirit and move the soul.

Members of the Love Dimension Family

The past, present and future members of the Love Dimension musical family collective who have contributed and helped by performing live, recording, touring, or producing:

Reese Abell, Mikhail Amartseff, Eric Amerman, Alex Anderson, Tommy Anderson, Clay Andrews, Emma Andreoli, Eitan Anzenberg, Peter Arensdorf, Greg Ashley, Derek Bernard, Eric Brown, Sean Carney, Mike Contreras, Jason Correia, Amy Jane Cronkleton, Raphael Wayman Davis, Kyle DeMartini, Carly DeMento, Danny DeMento, John DeRobertis, Matty Desantos, Augustus Devandry, Jimmy L. Dias, Steven Dias, Tommy Dietrick, Tomas Dolas, Andrew Duncan, Shaun Elley, Ryan Erickson, Brian Fernald, James Frost Winn, Marshall Gaye, Matt Gershun, Brendan Getzell, Jared Gonzales, Kevin Grapski, David Gray, Jojo Griffin, Aaron Grimes, Taylor Harris, Scott Hawkins, Anne Healey, Kelly Howerton, Steve Jacques, Carissa Johnson, Chad Johnson, Ford Kent, Khalid, Jason Kick, Harry Kim, Anne Kimball, Chelsea Kirby, Roger Knight, KC Kozak, Robinson Kuntz, Janaysa Lambert, Jacob Landry, Joan Laqui, Trish Laqui, Pete Lockwood, Aaron Loeser, Ryan Scott Long, AJ Lopez, Joseph Macrino, Nick Marcantonio, Danilo Maziero, Eric McInnis, Michael Meadows, Haile Meirow, Joe Miller, Jeff Moller, Jaime Morales, Mark Nelsen, Aaron Nice, Celeste Obomsawin, Crystina Ojeda, Jesse Olswang, Jackie Oppedisano, Joel Patterson, Alex Pavellas, Sonny Pearce, Ziggy Obomsawin Pearce, Raven Pearson, Goiyo Perez, Rick Perez, Dave Polk, Roger Poulin, Jason Quever, Marino Regalado, Zach Rengert, RGD2 (Ra Genie), Matt Robeson, George Rosenthal, Mikel Ross, Andrea Sandoval, Jessica Sennett, John Shafer, Walter Shih, Shilo, Vanessa Silberman, Pietro Straccia, Jake Stuart, Michael Summers, Ara Tarpinian, Graham Terry, Jeremy Walker, Dave Walsh, Eric Wendt, Kerry Wing, Jessica Wright, Sara Jean Yaste, Mer Zandifar