New EP is scheduled to be released 6/10.  Check out one of the songs on Entertainment Rocks.

San Francisco musical collective The Love Dimension have released their new single “When Soul Love Begins.” 

The psychedelic track is the first release off of the upcoming EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, due out June 10th. 

The Love Dimension founder Jimmy L. Dias, had this to say about “When Soul Love Begins”: 

‘When Soul Love Begins’ is about duality and unconditional love. For there to be dark there must also be light. When you swing the pendulum one way, it eventually gathers up energy so it can come back to the other side and balance things out. When we expand beyond that duality and separation into the oneness, we come to the realization that there is only unconditional love.  From that space we see how it is all included…every experience, every being, every life, etc.  The song is about no matter what is happening in your life and how challenging it may feel in the moment, that things will turn out ok when you make that inner shift in the present and focus on what is most important.  The mystery, the energy, the stream that runs through us and all things doesn’t judge.  It doesn’t say you are wrong or right or good or bad.  It just is.  We can be that too when we choose to attune ourselves to that frequency.  We can flow with it or we can fight it and try to swim up stream so our ego and mind feels like it accomplished something.  It is all in our choices and what we decide to bring our awareness and attention to.

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