The Matinee May 31st


by Ben Yung 

The Matinee May 31st is another extended one, featuring 9 new songs because two of them are inseparable. From New Zealand to Denmark, Australia to France, England to the USA, we have some pretty great new songs to start your day.

RIYL: Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Futurebirds 

“Zoom!”, those are the words that I often holler when hearing a psychedelic rock song that blisters with the delirious energy of Brian Jonestown Massacre, which is exactly what San Francisco trio The Love Dimension have crafted with “When Soul Love Begins”. Sure, the song has the familiar, twangy guitar line and the dizzying, kaleidoscope sound, but the sense of urgency that Jimmy Dias, Celeste Obomsawin, and Devin Farney have added brings the song to a feverish level.


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