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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Love Dimension looks to the bright side with “I’ll Find a Way”

Riff Magazine

by Chloe Catajan

San Francisco’s The Love Dimension takes the hazy sound of ‘60s psychedelia and pairs it with a garage rock twist. The band itself has quite an alternating lineup, but frontman Jimmy L. Dias remains the steady pillar of it all. Fittingly, Dias told RIFF last January that he aims to make music that’s like “a lighthouse” for listeners, “shin[ing] a light so others can find their way.” 

The Love Dimension, Agouti, Down Dirty Shake 
9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 16 
Bottom of the Hill 
Tickets: $8-$12. 

Now, The Love Dimension is releasing a music video for the aptly titled track, “I’ll Find a Way.” We are thrilled to premiere it below! 

Off the group’s latest EP, Acceptance, “I’ll Find a Way” features a groovy melody driven by fiery, heroic-sounding guitar riffs. The video dives straight into scenes of outer space and kaleidoscope patterns, with glitches and distortions constantly sneaking in. To make the video, The Love Dimension combined forces with Scott Franklin, vocalist-guitarist of Bay Area band Buzzmutt. 

Buzzmutt also fuses ‘60s psych rock with grunge, and the band is no stranger to incorporating abstract graphics with their releases. The two bands met through holding practices at Secret Studios. With complete creative control from Dias, Franklin started with a couple photos of Dias and the band, and then brought the images to life. 

“I feel like the video reflects the energy of the band—always changing, shifting and adapting to the present moment,” Dias said. “The song is about never giving up, being persistent and following your dreams with all your heart. I feel like the fractals in the video could represent that too. With the endless quantum possibilities this universe provides, there is always a way.” 

You can hear “I’ll Find a Way” in person at Bottom of the Hill on Sept. 16. An evening of modern-day psychedelic rock, the show features performances by Agouti, Down Dirty Shake and The Love Dimension.

PREMIERE: Stream The Love Dimension’s new EP, Acceptance

By Roman Gokhman

San Francisco groovy psychedelia revivalists The Love Dimension will release a new EP March 30. Acceptance is five tracks reminiscent of The Doors, The Mamas and the Papas and a bit of  Jefferson Airplane. The band, led by frontman Jimmy L. Dias, will perform its new material March 30 at a record release show at Rickshaw Stop, and have several Southern California shows this week leading up to the big reveal. 

The Love Dimension in concert 

Wednesday – 8 p.m. – 21+ 
Silverlake Lounge in L.A. $10. 

Liquid Earth Gathering fest (Pioneertown) $80-$120. 

Friday – 8 p.m. – 21+ 
Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara $10. 

8 p.m., Thursday, March 30 
Rickshaw Stop w/ Joshua Cook and The Key of Now 
Tickets: $10. 

To Dias, the name of the new record is about the acceptance of death, and that’s the central theme that courses through the songs. 

“We all avoid that reality,” he said. “We like to think there is always tomorrow, but you never know.  As I get older, it has become more and more important to me to enjoy each moment as much as possible.” 

If that is too grim, understand that the theme rides just below the surface. Listeners can focus on “acceptance” rather than the death. 

“You can’t change the past, but you can make a new choice in the present now,” Dias said. “So accept what is. If you like it, cool.  If not, make a new choice and move in a different direction.” 

The EP begins with the driving, hypnotic “I’ll Find A Way,” a la Golden Earring’s 1973 track “Radar Love,” before transitioning to the more straight-forward psychedelia, with strains of Americana, on “Hey Wall Street Man.” Dias said that a few years ago, he considered trying to make some money on the side by trading  stocks and options. Rather than coming up with an avenue to fund his own music, he lost a lot of cash. Learning to get over it and move on plays into the theme of the record. The titular character he sings to on the song is not any one person, but rather the powers that be that seemingly control other peoples’ lives. 

“I’m not judging anyone and saying anything is good or bad [because] that would be too much of a generalization,” he said. [Money] is a tool that can be used for whatever purpose and intention the person with it has. It just makes you more of what you already are.” 

The Love Dimension performs in numerous configurations, from Dias by himself to many more. Dozens of Bay Area musicians have performed with Dias over the years. For the EP, the frontman recorded with singer-percussionist Celeste Obomsawin, singer-keyboardist Devin Farney, drummer Sonny Pearce, bassist Tommy Anderson and guitarist Kyle DeMartini. While the SoCal shows will be performed as a quartet, the Rickshaw Stop concert will be performed as a seven-piece band.  Dias said he’s also working on a new full-length album, which has continued there trend of blending The Love Dimension’s ’60s sound with more modern influences from the ’90s, like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth and The Pixies.

Debut: The Love Dimension, “Surf Heart” { Diggin’ the vintage. }

By Meredith Schneider

While San Francisco’s psychedelic rock collective The Love Dimension – comprised of Jimmy L. Dias (vocals/guitar), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute), Devin Farney (keyboards/vocals), Michael Summers (bass), Robinson Kuntz (drums) and Amy Jane Cronkleton (vocals) – released their newest EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum earlier this year, we are pleased to premiere the music video for their upbeat song “Surf Heart”. Made up of vintage footage of San Francisco from the early 20th century, this video makes you feel like you’re on vacation, chasing the wild life down the streets of the big city. And by “wild life,” I – of course – mean perfectly coiffed hair, vintage cars, and crashing waves in the bay. The footage is the perfect overlay to a beautiful instrumental, a song we could easily see ourselves swaying to on a lazy beach vacation. 

Or in our kitchen. Because that’s what’s going to happen. 

Jimmy had a bit to say about the track and its accompanying video. 

“Surf Heart” is the first instrumental to be released by The Love Dimension.  The original title of the song was actually “House of the Heart Shaped Wave”.  It is about following your heart and dreams.  That may not always be easy and there might be rough waters sometimes.  However, when you are present, in the zone, persistent, committed and do the work…well…then perhaps you could put yourself in a position to enjoy the ride when things in your life finally do line up and align. 

This music video was directed and edited by Mer Zandifar of the Muse Department.  This is the second video that Mer has created for the band.  The first was for the song ‘True Love Comes ‘Round Again’ off the ‘Forget the Remember’ album. 

When Mer and I discussed doing the music video and collaborating, she thought the song represented a celebration of the archetypal memories in San Francisco.  Thus making the video like a vision of surfing the waves of change and remembering to respect the land, our ancestors and the sacred elemental beauty of a city that transcends space and time.” – Jimmy L. Dias 

**NOTE: The band has also featured many other talented musicians such as Jacob Landry (guitar), Joe Miller (drums), Kevin Grapski (bass), Jeremy Walker (guitar), Ryan Erickson (bass/vocals), Eric Amerman (guitar/keys/drums),  Sonny Pearce (drums), Tommy Anderson (bass), Kyle DeMartini (guitar), and Sean Carney (guitar) just to name a few. 

Tour Dates 
10/1 – Music Coop – Ashland, OR* 
10/2 – Oakland Secret – Oakland, CA 
10/7 — Winters Tavern — Pacifica, CA 
10/27 – Bottom of the Hill – San Francisco, CA 
11/4 – Full Circle Brewing Company – Fresno, CA* 
11/5 — Otter Rock Cafe — Morro Bay, CA * 
11/9 – Harvard and Stone – Los Angeles, CA* 
11/10 — Hotel Utah — San Francisco, CA * 
11/11 – Bocci’s Cellar – Santa Cruz, CA* 
11/12 — Blue Fin Cafe and Billiards — Monterey, CA * 
11/13 — Tower District Records — Fresno, CA * 
11/18 — Smiley’s Saloon — Bolinas, CA 
1/14 – Barmel – Carmel, CA 

*Jimmy Dias solo show with Vanessa Silberman 

The Love Dimension’s EP Freakquency Space Mind Continuum was released earlier this year on DIY label A Diamond Heart Production.