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Mark Matos & Os Beaches plays farewell show with the Love Dimension and Risin' Sun 

Wrapping up a US tour tomorrow, March 28th at Rickshaw Stop, Mark Matos will be bidding adieu to San Francisco and his long-time collective, Os Beaches. A super group of sorts, Mark Matos & Os Beaches features some of the Bay Area's premiere musicians, including Jeff Davies of Brian Jonestown Massacre and Josh Pollock of Acid Mothers Gong. Together, with a revolving door policy on band members, they create Mark's imaginitive psychedelic folk sound, infusing it with San Francisco's rock and roll history and the sandy textures of the desert rock. For this special performance, both a homecoming and farewell show, Mark Matos will be accompanied by an all-star Os Beaches lineup featuring Roger Reidlebauerm, Dave Mihaly, Annie Girl, Peter Case guitarist Dave Glasebrook and Anna Jo. Also on the bill is The Love Dimension and Mexico City's The Risin' Sun with special guest Michael Musika, and the projection master behind Mad Alchemy, who will be completing the sensory experience of the night with one of his signature liquid light shows. The Love Dimension is a positive free love-centric powerhouse of a band. Drawing directly from the influential Woodstock '69 era, they create full and dance worthy soundscapes. Don't miss out on this energetic and groovy ensemble. Mexico based psycobilly band, The Risin' Sun will travel north to Cali just to play this legendary show. Their dank, lofi '60s sound will blend perfectly with this powerful line up. Make sure you make it to Rickshaw Stop to witness the end of a Bay Area era.  Read More

Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah The Love Dimension Down and Outlaws and The Spiral Electric Play the Elbo Room TONIGHT 

With Lee Gallagher of Lee Gallagher and the Hallelujah on vocals, guitar and harmonica, Jacob Landry on Guitar and Joe Miller on Drums, create a dynamic and comfortable sound as they incorporate folk and traditional music into psych-rock, but are also straightforward, commanding and urgent in what they have to say. Gallagher's tall, enigmatic presence, excellent songwriting ability and perfectly high-pitched vocals are guaranteed to garner attention. While The Hallelujah's sound can have an acoustic folk influence as well as modern psych, they are sure to be a promising act to go see and listen to in the coming year. The Love Dimension has been rocking clubs here in the Bay Area for the better part of six years. Led by the powerful vocal duo of Jimmy Dias and Celeste Obamsawin, the group is rounded out by one of the scene's most respected and best rhythm sections, Sonny Pearce (Electric Shepherd) on drums and Tommy Anderson (MoonFox, Electric Shepherd) on bass, along with Devon Farney on Keys. Described as "sacred psychedelic country garage punk country surf," they are a live force not to be reckoned with, rhythmically intense, with a heavy dose of spirituality and introspection both lyrically and in their performances. Led by Clay Andrews, one of the local rock scene's strongest advocates, The Spiral Electric has been recording together since 2010, and premiered live in 2012. The band quickly evolved into a five-piece, and their current lineup of Andrews and Percy along with Sonny Pearce on Drums and Ty Gerhardt on Bass, has played to captive audiences at venues such as The Chapel, Brick and Mortar and Oakland's Uptown. The Spiral Electric has toured the US West Coast of recent and they are currently recording their first full length LP. Down and Outlaws have a perspective on rock n' roll that rings true: "Rock n' Roll isn't a sound. It's not an attitude. It's a need, it's a fight, it's the saving grace in the wake of a broken heart or something lost." With influences that range from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Tom Petty, the San Francisco based band led by Peter Danzig on Vocals, Kyle Luck on Guitar, and the "gut-busting" rhythm section of Jon Carr and Chris Danzig, aims to save their audiences with rock n' roll the same way they were saved by it.  Read More

Trainwreck'd Society's Top 40 Songs of 2013 

Feliz Ano Nuevo everybody, and greetings from Spain! It's long been the 1st for us over here, but for the rest of you just waking up from your up to late hangovers, and heavy thoughts of how impossible those new year resolutions you swore you were going to keep last night, I have a treat (or at least a fine distraction to check out before you "head to the gym") for all of you!  Let us begin! I have never been one for "singles".  I love songs!  I grew to loving music in the mid to late 1990′s when the "one hit wonder"'s were rampant. Things are different now, just as they were different in the decades that precluded my time of Dog's Eye View, Eagle Eye Cherry, or Soul Asylum listening times.  I understood, and still understand, the reason for "singles", in an entirely promotional sense, and I imagine the concept is still alive today. But in this age of being able to download exactly what you want, and discarding the rest, we no longer rely on clever marketing of single tracks as much as we rely on the sound a musician or band creates altogether.  Yes, this is debatable, and I may be wrong, but no one can stop me from thinking this at this precise second, not even myself.  What is even more strenuous on the soul is the immense amount of music that is at your fingertips these days.  There is just so much to listen to, it's pretty intimidating. Maybe that is why I have never done a list of my favorite songs for a year here at Trainwreck'd Society.  Like most of you out there, my "favorite song" probably changes quicker than the seasons of each year, so it seems ridiculous to try to make a list. But, this might as well be a season for change.  So, I thought I would try something new, and create a list of we here at Trainwreck'd Society considered to be the best songs of 2013.  In all reality, many of these songs most likely appear on albums that will very likely appear on our Top 37 1/2 Albums of 2013 list coming soon.  But in this situation, we get to pay respect to some truly talented artists that may not end up in the year-end album list, but were still very amazing.  Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, our favorite albums may not have a track that makes it on this list. Everything is subjective anyway, right? And if I ever stopped pussy footing around and make a year-end list longer than 37 albums, all of these artist might make the list.  I guess I can't break that all things Kevin Smith addicted attitude I have had for almost twenty years. So with that being said, I am excited to present to you, Trainwreck'd Society's Top 40 Songs of 2013! Note: Artist and Song Titles that are highlighted will provide a link to any previous posts on our site featuring said artist. Enjoy!  Read More

The Love Dimension: Show Preview 

There's a tradition of performers utilizing male and female voices in a distinctive manner: Johnny Cash and June Carter, Jefferson Airplane, X, and the Mamas and the Papas, among others, are remembered for their surging, arresting vocal blend. Add to that list locals the Love Dimension, who, appropriate to their Summer of Love-era moniker, evoke those acts and more. The Love Dimension merges the earthy with the trippy, roadhouse stomp with lysergic expeditions — this is no one-trick pony. While drawing upon 1960s sounds for their sonic palette, the members of the Love Dimension also remember to put spunk and personality into the mix, too.  Read More

The Love Dimension - Not Until All Beings Are One EP 

Perhaps they really are the worlds first "sacred psychedelic garage punk country surf band" who play instruments ranging from "the flute to the megaphone". Perhaps they are "originally from the city of Atlantis". All these things could be fact. Most likely however, The Love Dimension is just six people coming together and having fun. The San Francisco natives don't take themselves too seriously, and this carefree approach is evident in their release, Not Until All Beings Are One. Released through London based label, Smoky Carrot Records, the four track EP is a teaser for what will hopefully be a full release later in 2013. If this is anything to go by, it'll be one to look out for. Remarkably in just under ten minutes, The Love Dimension leaves an impressive musical imprint with effortlessly lazy vocals, intertwining melodies, and lots of straight up rock n roll. The San Francisco Six Piece are Making Waves The Lighthouse in Your Mind kicks off the extended play with its jangly guitars, reminiscent of all those eighties NME C86 bands that crafted the indie pop scene, but with edge. You can tell it's the single with its pop sensibilities, and it feels like the band is holding back. Over the next 3 tracks, you realise they were. The riffs of Down the 101 are drenched in summer time blues, harking back to the simple roots of rock and roll, guitars and drums chugging furiously along like a train thundering down the tracks, or a pickup truck speeding down the highway in the scorching heat. The blending of male and female vocals is effectively put on display throughout, none more so than on Heart Full of Soul and Can You Feel Me. It's not an easy task to juggle the sounds of Johnny Cash and The Zombies, but with its psychedelic guitars and call and response verses, The Love Dimension effortlessly bridge the gap. The best was left for last. Whether they can capitalise on this moment with their first long play studio effort is in their own hands. It is another example of the tides of music slowly changing. With The Black Keys holding the torch that leads the way, rock and roll music, with all its sticky sweat and dirty six strings are on the comeback trail. The Love Dimension could be ones who are here to stay  Read More

96 Hours in the SF Chronicle 

The Love Dimension: San Francisco's rich psychedelic legacy has always exerted its influence on local bands, but few take it as seriously as the Love Dimension.  These youngsters pay homage to the classic sounds of the Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead/Quicksilver Messenger Service nexus with uncanny precision, but they never sound like they're stuck in any kind of nostalgic time warp. 9 p.m. Thursday. $8. 21+. Cafe Du Nord, 2170 Market St., S.F. (415) 861-5016.
-J. Poet

The Love Dimension - Not Until All Beings Are One EP Review 

The Love Dimension - Not Until All Beings Are One EP review by  

With a band name like that, an EP title like that and with artwork like that, you'd be forgiven for thinking that The Love Dimension are from San Francisco and wear some flowers in their hair, such is the hippy ideals apparently being expressed. Well we can't tell you their preference for hair decoration but these guys actually are from San Francisco and this EP is made up of songs that could easily have been made in 1967 (the year Scott McKenzie had that hit) but it's not wispy flower-power nonsense. Much of this EP has more guts than that and fits in more comfortably with the freakbeat and garage scenes of the time than of wimpy student drop-outs smoking spliffs in the sun. Opening track 'The Lighthouse Of Your Mind' actually sounds that little bit more modern than the rest, but only to about 1983 and the fey jangle of the emerging British indiepop scene, albeit with an added freak out towards the end. For much of the rest we're in classic garage territory and The Love Dimension capture this sound with ease. The bluesy 'Down The 101' is like The Seeds rattling through a track at double speed. It's primal and it's authentic. 'Heart Full Of Soul' also belongs on a Nuggets collection and would have been a classic of its time (UPDATE: It was indeed a classic of its time for The Yardbirds), and the same goes for 'Can You Feel Me' which has a great riff and a more psychedelic vibe. The music here is all well worn, but sometimes things just look and feel better that way.  Read More


What exactly does the genre "Sacred Psychedelic Garage Punk Country Surf" mean? I'm not quite sure either to be completely honest, but it's what San Francisco 6-piece, The Love Dimension, describe themselves as. Founded in 2008, the band already hit it off with tons of experience in this biz, with all the members being part of previous bands. They've already toured all of North America, participating at various music festivals like the San Frandelic Summer Fest. Composed of a shamanic healing meditation expert, Jimmy L Dias tries to channel good vibes, uplifting moods and high energy through his music. Celeste, former wrestler, provides a feminine touch to the band along with wacky instruments like the flute, the harmonica and even the megaphone (wut?). Devin Farney is the jazz performer and music teacher turned keyboardist while Sonny Pearce rocks out on the drums. The Love Dimension is also composed of a science geek, Scott Hawkins and bassist Tommy Anderson. They just dropped their new EP entitled Not Until All Beings Are One earlier this month. Trying to decipher what exactly their sound is, I came across a mix of rock music from both the past and the present, along with everything in between. Finding influences from Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Nirvana, as well as The Beatles, they have a very unique sound. A definite sensation of euphoria is present throughout each track. Picture a gritty vintage and grainy image of breezing through the dry hot summer air down a highway surrounded by nothingness or lying under the sun. That is about as close as I can get to describing their sound. Along with the release, they also filmed a new music video for the track "The Lighthouse Of Your Mind". Featuring absolutely beautiful San Fran scenery, the video is shot through the eyes of a psychedelic hippie, filled with soothing footage and a very olden feel of sunshine, happiness and good vibes.  Read More

The Love Dimension - Forget The Remember LP Review 

When I hear music fans exclaim that bands nowadays have forgotten how to make music like bands in the past. They obviously haven't heard a band like "The Love Dimension" and many other bands getting releases through the label "Lolipop Records." The Love Dimension recent release "Forget The Remember" has a straight to point retro sixties sounds. This is currently famous due to bands like Foxygen and Tame Impala. This band consists of six members and is from San Francisco. They are certainly echoing the flowery breezes of its heyday  Read More


San Franciscans might be feeling a little unpatriotic right now, what with their recent Super Bowl loss to Boston (or Beyonce, I forget which). However they should be proud of their phenomenally good garage-psych scene, of which Friscan locals, The Love Dimension can claim credit. Joining fellow expats Thee Oh Seas, Ty Segall and White Fence, The Love Dimension reinvigorate Californian psychedelia with a vengeance. New digital EP Not Until All Beings Are One mixes lo-fi, scuzzy guitars and endearingly shoddy vocals to create a genial 1960′s vibe with a modern edge. Not Until All Beings Are One was released on Feb 1st, so you can check it out or take a geeze at video for The Lighthouse Of Your Mind featuring tripped-out Frisco landscape. Hang in there San Fransisco, you've got a lot to be proud of just not on the football field  Read More

The Love Dimension "Forgot to Remember" 

This SF psyche band has some Bay Area 60s in them, especially in the vocal choruses, but they got some Southern California Byrds flying in there too, and some London Trogg-isms infecting the mix as well. Throw in some sounds from outer space and you have entered the Love Dimension!  Read More

Review of 'Forget The Remember' by The Love Dimension 

All too often bands get pigeonholed as being this or that.  When that happens it's usually the band that suffers the most, allowing it to become a self fulfilling prophecy.  But when a band takes a ton of influences and puts them in a blender, magic can happen.  That's the case with the new release "Forget The Remember" from the band The Love Dimension.  The influences are right out of the band's San Francisco backyard and embrace the Rock and Roll of that city in its heyday. The album is full of little bits of inspiration from Country Joe McDonald and the Fish, Jefferson Airplane and even the Grateful Dead.  It's familiar but original.  It is country, rock and psychedelic all at the same time, and they are able to successfully recapture the time when country was an important ingredient in rock and roll. One of the coolest aspects of the recording is a certain looseness reminiscent of recordings from Big Brother and the Holding Company, and this lets the music breathe. It was the second track on the album "Bound To The Sound" that first drew me in.  The drive, blended with guitar twang and a masterful chord progression, quickly becomes a song you want to hear over and over. The band has another album scheduled for release next month and if this is any indication, I can't wait.  Read More

The Love Dimension - Forget The Remember - Review 

There are bands that take the folk scene stylings of almost five decades ago as a starting block for their own music, to greater or lesser extents. The Love Dimension are going one or two steps further. Forget The Remember is a cleverly and carefully, even reverently put together homage to the music and musicians of the mid 60s. The playing is pared down and avoids sliding too far into effusive technicolor psychedelics, the production is minimal and evokes a 'live in the studio' sound' and it's almost like fuzz pedals never happened. The Love Dimension will transport you to a West Coast coffee house circa 1965 without seemingly making too great an effort.  Read More

Show Preview on Bay Bridged 

As the hypnotic poster above indicates, SF quintet The Love Dimension is performing at the Great American Music Hall on Thursday night in support of their new album, Forget The Remember. We included "True Love Comes 'Round Again" on our recent Live This Month podcast, but it's a psych-jangle-rock-pop-enough-with-the-hyphens nugget worth revisiting and downloading below.  Read More

Review Of The Love Dimension's Forget The Remember On Blitz Magazine's Web Site 

The musical movement that produced such Bay Area bands of consequence as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Jefferson Airplane, the Charlatans, the Beau Brummels, Harpers Bizarre, the Youngbloods, Count Five, the Syndicate Of Sound, the Great Society, the Grateful Dead, the Sopwith Camel, Country Joe and the Fish, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moby Grape and others of similar intent all had a common thread that stood in striking contrast to developments in rock music elsewhere. Aside from the distinctive "tin roof with sound baffles" sonic quality that frequently  Read More

We Are the Sound 

During the start of the 21st century, many bands have appeared on stage as successful martyrs to our musical agenda. Bands that either had the strut of the record deals before or grew a following with the local scene had their music flourished; and the reluctant need to mention and review their work has given me the privilege to contact them and be able to share their singles with a loyal audience such as yourselves. The bands below are eclectic and unique in their sound as they still have that familiar tint of other noble bands we've come to know like Joy Division and Pavement. Those bands I'll be reviewing are the Love Dimension…Read More


The Love Dimension - Forget The Remember (CD, Warrior Monk, Pop) To quote directly from the band's web site: "The Love Dimension is an ever expanding sacred psychedelic music group from San Francisco (Originally from the lost city of Atlantis) that creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings across the multi-verse. The Love Dimension is currently using their musical sound waves to open up hearts and spread the vibration of love on Planet Earth to assist in the quantum shift of the collective consciousness of humanity." Right about now you may be thinking you're in another decade...or century...but fear not, the year is still 2012. But the folks in The Love Dimension are bringing back ideals and values that will definitely remind folks of the progressive 1960s when it was all about peace and love. That said, this band's songs are more current and lighthearted than you might guess. The tracks on Forget The Remember are more pop than rock...and more about moving feet than moving mountains. Pretty cool sounding stuff here. Our favorite cuts include "True Love Comes 'Round Again," "Where Do We Go?", "Tierra Nueva," and "Outer Space."  Read More