The Love Dimension, Acceptance EP Review

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * 

Dealing with loss is not an easy matter, for all the self help books designed to guide you through the stages, the feelings you are bound to have many times in your life, for all the psychotherapists and the less than helpful friends who might not quite understand the depth of your emotion, they never truly seem to go anywhere near Acceptance; they cover everything else but Acceptance is the one stage in which everybody believes is just great, you have moved on and the world can turn again. 

Acceptance though does not mean not willing to fight on, to cover new ground, you might accept that one option in life is now closed, that one particular way of living is now a book been read and shelved, but it does not mean defeat, it does not mean conquered, Acceptance is a gateway to even greater things, moments of purity, of unrequited love and the slaying of the beige and the unadorned, Acceptance is another stage in The Love Dimension’s way of living. 

The new five track E.P. by The Love Dimension is one that sends out good vibes, the feeling of contentment in a world drowning at times in sorrow of its own making, of taking stock after the fight but knowing the war is not yet over, there are just too many people making trouble for the sake of their own petty insecurities to ever rest, Acceptance is knowing that you cannot change the world, that you cannot alter everybody’s narrow point of view, yet it does not stop you from trying. 

The Love Dimension have once more explored the infinite and come up with a set of songs that celebrate life and see through its dark passages, an exploration that gets the point of existence and whilst not conquering it, asks the question of why so many see the road as impassable, full of pot holes when all they have to do is look to the verge and plough on in safe knowledge they are making progress. 

In the tracks I’ll Find A Way, the excellent Hey Wall Street Man, Would You Be Willing, The Cat Is Out and On And On, The Love Dimension once again vanquish the slave of monotony and offer a special kind of freedom to the listener, freedom to explore beyond Acceptance, it is a special kind of deal. 

Ian D. Hall

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