SIMGE Survey: Getting To Know The Love Dimension // Watch “Together Again”

by Mike Mehalick from 'Speak Into My Good Eye'

For the San Francisco-based artist Jimmy Dias, life has offered several callings. In duly following, Dias has found enlightenment in studying to be a shamanic healer and through music. 

It was through the latter pursuit that Dias came to found the psych-surf musical collective, The Love Dimension. Earlier this summer, the band dropped a new EP, Freakquency Space Mind Continuum, which was led by the driving, mystical single “Together Again.” 

To go along with a view of the video for “Together Again,” we had Dias take the SIMGE Survey to get to know him a little better. Check out the video below and keep up with more from The Love Dimension here. 

Name: Jimmy Dias 
Band: The Love Dimension 
Instrument(s): Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums (played all the instruments on this latest EP. However, I usually have a great group of musician friends who help record 
and play live shows.) 

What sound(s) do you/your band make? 

A cross between late 60s psychedelic, 90s grunge and annoying instrumental elevator music. 

If you could have anything fall from the sky what would it be and why? 

A suitcase filled with plane tickets and other helpful resources so I could take the Love Dimension and all my music friends on tour around the world to places like Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and more. 

When I was a kid I used to love to… 

Play Nintendo (the original NES one) for hours and days and weeks until all my muscles (except for my hands and eyes) started to atrophy. 

An embarrassing phase in my life was when… 

Continuing to play video games every night as an adult as a way to escape my dissatisfaction with boring day jobs. Good times in a way, but wish I had spent all that time mastering the guitar, drums or a musical instrument. 

The 1st album I purchased: 

Having trouble remembering my exact timelines and order of stuff with all the crazy interdimensional shifting and galactic realignment going on right now but I think it was a cassette of Beastie Boys’ License to Ill. I had some other tapes right around that time but they were copies of tapes that friends made for me of Nevermind and Surfer Rosa. 

The last album I purchased: 

The Doors – Live at the Bowl 68 on vinyl. 

My biggest insecurity: 

When I am not wearing my glasses I get awkward in public because people’s faces are blurry and I can’t tell if they are looking at me or if it is someone I know and maybe they’ll think I am ignoring them because I don’t know it is them. 

If anyone out there wants to gift me a few thousand dollars maybe I could get Lasik surgery. 

You can easily win me over by… 

Buying me a slice of pizza and a bucket of peanut butter cups. 

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed or stressed

I listen to chakra balancing music on youtube because it’s calming and relaxing and it puts me into a trance. 

After a show people compliment me most on my… 

Outfit. Come on people, Am I really that bad of a musician that all you notice is the clothes I am wearing. Guess I need to practice more and dress down. 

Something most people don’t know about me is… 

I am also a healer and have studied with various shamans, healers and spiritual teachers over the past 10 years. It has been helpful with music as there is a lot of energy moving back and forth from the band to the audience at shows. 

The band (artist) that altered my perception on life is

Nirvana because it inspired me to start playing drums (my first instrument) and writing songs. I had never heard anything like that before. It really struck a chord inside of me that hasn’t stopped buzzing since. It opened up the doors for me to explore all kinds of indie and punk rock music. 

What a cool experience it would be to relive the first time you heard a certain album or song. Musical mystical magic. 

If not for music I would probably… 

Have left this physical body and transferred my consciousness into a vehicle that would allow me to create and share music.

What are your favorite song lyrics? 

I was trying to think of a cool answer for this one and the words that kept popping into my head were: 

“Row, row, row your boat 
gently down the stream 
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily 
Life is but a dream” 

At first, I was resisting that and thinking I can’t write that. Then when I sat with it and realized the simplicity and wisdom that is embedded in those words, I detached and allowed it to be. It really hits the point of the impermanence of everything and going with the flow and enjoying life while you are here in this 3D reality hologram. 

It’s tough times right now but if you keep your vibration and frequency high instead of lowering it into fear, then eventually the snowball will gain enough momentum and the enlightenment of humanity and the golden age will flourish. 

Thank you so much to SIMGE for spreading the word about the Love Dimension and to everyone reading this. I wish you many blessings and good fortune. And when you have a moment please send out some thought forms into the ethers so TLD can magnetize and manifest coming to play our music live in a town near you! 

Peace, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll!


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