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Dual Record Release Party: Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, The Love Dimension, and opening up, Snow Angel with visuals by White Light Prism. March 30, 2017.

On the 30th of March of this year, one of the best Bay Area rock n roll psych and blues hit Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco California.  Music reviewer Dennis Gonzales and photographer, Ellie Doyen covered the dual record release party featuring Joshua Cook & The Key of Now, The Love Dimension and opening up, Snow Angel featuring visuals by White Light Prism.

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Love Dimension looks to the bright side with “I’ll Find a Way”

Riff Magazine

by Chloe Catajan

San Francisco’s The Love Dimension takes the hazy sound of ‘60s psychedelia and pairs it with a garage rock twist. The band itself has quite an alternating lineup, but frontman Jimmy L. Dias remains the steady pillar of it all. Fittingly, Dias told RIFF last January that he aims to make music that’s like “a lighthouse” for listeners, “shin[ing] a light so others can find their way.” 

The Love Dimension, Agouti, Down Dirty Shake 
9 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 16 
Bottom of the Hill 
Tickets: $8-$12. 

Now, The Love Dimension is releasing a music video for the aptly titled track, “I’ll Find a Way.” We are thrilled to premiere it below! 

Off the group’s latest EP, Acceptance, “I’ll Find a Way” features a groovy melody driven by fiery, heroic-sounding guitar riffs. The video dives straight into scenes of outer space and kaleidoscope patterns, with glitches and distortions constantly sneaking in. To make the video, The Love Dimension combined forces with Scott Franklin, vocalist-guitarist of Bay Area band Buzzmutt. 

Buzzmutt also fuses ‘60s psych rock with grunge, and the band is no stranger to incorporating abstract graphics with their releases. The two bands met through holding practices at Secret Studios. With complete creative control from Dias, Franklin started with a couple photos of Dias and the band, and then brought the images to life. 

“I feel like the video reflects the energy of the band—always changing, shifting and adapting to the present moment,” Dias said. “The song is about never giving up, being persistent and following your dreams with all your heart. I feel like the fractals in the video could represent that too. With the endless quantum possibilities this universe provides, there is always a way.” 

You can hear “I’ll Find a Way” in person at Bottom of the Hill on Sept. 16. An evening of modern-day psychedelic rock, the show features performances by Agouti, Down Dirty Shake and The Love Dimension.

The Love Dimension, Vanessa Silberman, Mujahedeen, Runaway Octopus

The Love Dimension: That name alone conjures up the late 1960s, when the most far-out music was coming out of the Haight-Ashbury district and was best experienced on an, ahem, alternate plane. No surprise, then, that this psych-rock collective is originally from San Francisco, and their fuzzed-out sound harkens back to some of the Bay Area’s most famous psychedelic groups: Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, the Grateful Dead. Founded by frontman Jimmy L. Dias, who’s backed by a constantly rotating roster of musicians — some shows feature only a few members; others will boast a dozen or so — the Love Dimension is more than just a throwback act, as elements of ’90s alt-rock and contemporary electronica sneak their way into the music. Fans of the Brian Jonestown Massacre should be in heaven. 

— Nathan Weinbender

THIS WEEK: Pulp Fiction, Phantom return, The Love Dimension arrives and more

Posted By Dan Nailen

MUSIC | Swing on by The Observatory for the psych-rock stylings of The Love Dimension, who will be joined by Vanessa Silberman, Mujahedeen and Runaway Octopus. Here's a little sample of The Love Dimension:

Click on link above to see the video...

LA’s Silberman Continues Tour in SGF

Vanessa Silberman has played more than 250 shows in the last 18 months. She plays Front of House Lounge Tuesday. 

By Brett Johnston 

Los Angeles-based independent alt-rocker Vanessa Silberman has lived on the road for more than a year-and-a-half. She teamed up with Jimmy Dias of San Francisco’s psych/surf rock outfit The Love Dimension for a summer tour as a co-headlining two-piece. Silberman returns to Springfield for the fourth time since 2005, Tuesday at Front of House Lounge. 

417: Have you really played around 250 shows in the last 18 months? What keeps you going on the road? 

Vanessa Silberman: I love it. Music is so fulfilling. I’ve been out consecutively since January, so it’s pushing more like 260 or 270 [gigs] at this point, not including the double-duty of backing each other. Me and Jimmy started this tour at the end of March. In LA, I had an amazing job at a recording studio, but I really wanted to take a chance with touring and being an artist. I got to work with some of my heroes who I grew up listening to, but at the end of the day I wanted to take a chance on myself. I can sit behind a console later in life. 

417: Do you have any favorite stops on the road? Has any place surprised you at all? 

Silberman: It’s kind of hard to say, there are so many cool, amazing cities around the country. Usually it’s the smaller towns that don’t expect somebody from LA to come play. Fort Stockton, Texas was like that. Saint Augustine, Florida was amazing. That city was so unexpected, and so historical—the first [founded] city in the country and has such a cool scene there. 

417: How would you describe your sound to new listeners? 

Silberman: Going solo, I’m really looking to experiment, not be afraid to try stuff. The exciting thing about being solo is collaborating with so many different people. We feature different players, so it leaves a lot of open-endedness. We get a lot of comparison when I’m backing [Jimmy] to The White Stripes. 

417: Is there any particular message to your writing? 

Silberman: My message is giving hope and positivity through music. Even being on the road, showing women that you can be a woman on the road alone. I’ve done it. You can do it, too.

  1. 1 I'll Find a Way 04:29 Info
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  2. 2 Together Again 02:58 Info
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  3. 3 When Soul Love Begins 02:47 Info
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  4. 4 Got Gratitude 2.0 03:21 Info
  5. 5 Foggy City Blues 02:27 Info
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  6. 6 Messenger of Love 02:53 Info
  7. 7 True Love Comes 'Round Again 03:48 Info
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