What exactly does the genre "Sacred Psychedelic Garage Punk Country Surf" mean? I'm not quite sure either to be completely honest, but it's what San Francisco 6-piece, The Love Dimension, describe themselves as. Founded in 2008, the band already hit it off with tons of experience in this biz, with all the members being part of previous bands. They've already toured all of North America, participating at various music festivals like the San Frandelic Summer Fest. Composed of a shamanic healing meditation expert, Jimmy L Dias tries to channel good vibes, uplifting moods and high energy through his music. Celeste, former wrestler, provides a feminine touch to the band along with wacky instruments like the flute, the harmonica and even the megaphone (wut?). Devin Farney is the jazz performer and music teacher turned keyboardist while Sonny Pearce rocks out on the drums. The Love Dimension is also composed of a science geek, Scott Hawkins and bassist Tommy Anderson. They just dropped their new EP entitled Not Until All Beings Are One earlier this month. Trying to decipher what exactly their sound is, I came across a mix of rock music from both the past and the present, along with everything in between. Finding influences from Johnny Cash, Radiohead, Nirvana, as well as The Beatles, they have a very unique sound. A definite sensation of euphoria is present throughout each track. Picture a gritty vintage and grainy image of breezing through the dry hot summer air down a highway surrounded by nothingness or lying under the sun. That is about as close as I can get to describing their sound. Along with the release, they also filmed a new music video for the track "The Lighthouse Of Your Mind". Featuring absolutely beautiful San Fran scenery, the video is shot through the eyes of a psychedelic hippie, filled with soothing footage and a very olden feel of sunshine, happiness and good vibes.  Read More

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