The Love Dimension - Not Until All Beings Are One EP

Perhaps they really are the worlds first "sacred psychedelic garage punk country surf band" who play instruments ranging from "the flute to the megaphone". Perhaps they are "originally from the city of Atlantis". All these things could be fact. Most likely however, The Love Dimension is just six people coming together and having fun. The San Francisco natives don't take themselves too seriously, and this carefree approach is evident in their release, Not Until All Beings Are One. Released through London based label, Smoky Carrot Records, the four track EP is a teaser for what will hopefully be a full release later in 2013. If this is anything to go by, it'll be one to look out for. Remarkably in just under ten minutes, The Love Dimension leaves an impressive musical imprint with effortlessly lazy vocals, intertwining melodies, and lots of straight up rock n roll. The San Francisco Six Piece are Making Waves The Lighthouse in Your Mind kicks off the extended play with its jangly guitars, reminiscent of all those eighties NME C86 bands that crafted the indie pop scene, but with edge. You can tell it's the single with its pop sensibilities, and it feels like the band is holding back. Over the next 3 tracks, you realise they were. The riffs of Down the 101 are drenched in summer time blues, harking back to the simple roots of rock and roll, guitars and drums chugging furiously along like a train thundering down the tracks, or a pickup truck speeding down the highway in the scorching heat. The blending of male and female vocals is effectively put on display throughout, none more so than on Heart Full of Soul and Can You Feel Me. It's not an easy task to juggle the sounds of Johnny Cash and The Zombies, but with its psychedelic guitars and call and response verses, The Love Dimension effortlessly bridge the gap. The best was left for last. Whether they can capitalise on this moment with their first long play studio effort is in their own hands. It is another example of the tides of music slowly changing. With The Black Keys holding the torch that leads the way, rock and roll music, with all its sticky sweat and dirty six strings are on the comeback trail. The Love Dimension could be ones who are here to stay  Read More

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