Art Void III

Art Void returned to the Night Light this past Saturday (7/26). I had attended last month's event and was excited to be able to catch the next edition. As you may recall, the event is in the spirit of a '70s club scene in Berlin. The routine was much the same as the last event with a slate of bands bolstered by special lighting (Kelly Porter), effects (Andy Puls), custom art (Meg Adamson), and boutiques (The Power Plant and Empress Vintage). I caught up with Kelly, who'd managed Hedersleben's lights last time and has expanded to general band support. He pointed me at Jason Willer, Hedersleben's drummer and ringleader of the Art Void collective. We had a brief chat as things kicked off and he left me with a generous gift of the hand-numbered posters produced for the events. I am going to have to admit that I was not in prime listening form on this particular evening. I'd enjoyed an aggressive bike ride earlier in the day and I was frankly, exhausted. I also had company, of the distracting variety. So, good for me, bad for the review.  The Love Dimension (bandcamp) kicked off the festivities. Lots of instruments fun sound. Solidly psychedelic. Bassist was out of control good. The bands whole vibe worked well. White Manna (bandcamp) was drone guitar assault. Quality sound and I'd probably have more to say, but the weariness of the day and hypnotic tunes washed the brain away.  Read More

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