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Bang the drum: Indie artists help each other stay upbeat

By Aarik Danielsen 

Touring, if rock ballads and band diaries are to be believed, can get a little monotonous. 

Playing the same songs night after night after night. An endless cycle of green rooms and budget hotels. 

But for Vanessa Silberman and Jimmy Dias, their current jaunt feels new, maybe even a little precarious, each night. 

She is a Los Angeles-based Jill of all trades who creates her own music, but also boosts other performers through producing, engineering and artist development. Silberman writes melodic rock steeped in the grit and grunge of the 1990s. He is the heartbeat of The Love Dimension, a San Francisco band that fits neatly within that city’s lineage of great psych-pop bands. 

As artists, each marches to the beat of their own drummer. On this tour, those drummers just happen to be one another — Silberman and Dias are trading time behind the drums, backing the other’s set. 


When: Doors open at 8 p.m. Monday 

Where: Cafe Berlin, 220 N. Tenth St. 

Tickets: $5 


Silberman often tours alone; Dias’ band is a rotating collective. So in this case, it made sense to help each other out. Their willingness to get behind the kit typifies the sort of “where there’s a will, there’s a way” most independent musicians adopt. 

Sitting in the drum chair, in addition to their other musical roles, has brought growth for both artists. Silberman has written drum parts in the studio, but never drummed live for another artist. Dias has heard his sound expand and deepen by degrees. 

Silberman’s sound has put him back in touch with his roots in grunge and punk — among his earliest influences were artists such as Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins. When she plays Love Dimension songs, they take on a sort of White Stripes-esque quality, he said. 

The tour is a marriage of the natural and uncomfortable, of instinct and intention. Dias started out on drums, bringing a rhythmic orientation to his music. 

“I think of guitar more as a drum in a way,” he said, with guitar strokes corresponding to snare hits, for example. 

Silberman has enjoyed the chance to supply harmonies on Dias’ songs, which naturally leave space for vocal layers. 

Both have learned lessons about endurance, pulling double duty each night. 

“I have to drum first before I sing,” Silberman said. ”... I use so much energy for playing guitar and singing ... it is so difficult ... for me to drum after that, because I’m exhausted.” 

They also have had nightly, tangible reminders about flexibility. That characteristic has to be present to maintain a touring schedule and a musical life, Silberman said. 

There are other fringe benefits to the arrangement — both Silberman and Dias joked that loading in and breaking down drums each night has helped them get in better physical shape.

KFOG - No Name’s Record Room: The Love Dimension

By Sam Hustis

Call them a band, call them a collective, definitely call them “groovy.” 

With a rotating lineup of 80+ members, The Love Dimension might not seem like a typical band, whatever this vibey psychedelica-meets-90s-grunge band from the Bay Area is doing, it’s working. We met up with Jimmy L. Dias (guitar/vocals), Amy Jane Cronkleton (vocals), Celeste Obomsawin (vocals/percussion/flute), Devin Farney (keyboard/vocals), Michael Summers (bass), and Robinson Kuntz (drums) to talk about what it means to go to “the love dimension,” what creative collaboration is like within a music collective, and what it’s like balancing parenthood and being in a band. 

Connect with The Love Dimension on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

7 arts and entertainment things to see this week

By Joe Amarante, New Haven Register

At Stella Blues

Alt-rock singer Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension (above) will team with Boston rock artist Carissa Johnson at Stella Blues (204 Crown St., New Haven) for a May 24, 8 p.m. show that will also feature Hamden group Water Lane.

Five Questions with Vanessa Silberman

by Petee Worrell

oxy Loxy’s intimate First Friday performance series has become a staple of blooming art scene that takes place during the first week of every month in Savannah. Along with the monthly celebration of First Friday in the Starland District, Foxy’s courtyard performances make for the perfect way to experience the arts scene in a much more intimate manner. For this month’s performance, Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension’s Jimmy Dias will be taking the stage as a duo, providing a slightly stripped down, but no less powerful, version of their individual projects. In anticipation of their performance, we had the opportunity to discuss the upcoming show among other things in a short interview with Vanessa. 

hissing lawns: Could you give our readers a little info about your project and influences? 

Vanessa Silberman: For my solo [Vanessa Silberman] music it’s a mix of musical influences that range from grunge rock to punk & hip hop to old singer songwriter country blues to 60’s, pop & just raw recordings where’s it’s about the song / emotion & message. For my solo music I really wanted to have a lot of freedom to collaborate as well as to be very hands on since I’m also a producer/engineer/mixer or try things I never done before but all while keeping the sound cohesive so the songs aren’t all over the place genre-wise but more just hint at these influences! Another influence is positivity & hope –My goal is really to carry that through my music / message to help people & give hope as well as to encourage them that they can play music or tour. Or just follow their heart for that matter! 


hl: This being your second time coming through Savannah, was there anything about the city or the music scene in particular that drew you back? 

VS: The place, it’s so beautiful & different from anywhere else in the states. I love south & it’s people! Almost like a cousin of New Orleans! It’s got such an old wonderful history & I love old historical places. A great college community too! Foxy Loxy is very intimate as well which makes it different, unique & raw as they use no PA. I love that! It’s nice to change it up versus the wild rock shows! 


hl: Could you give our readers a bit of info on how you found yourself touring with The Love Dimension? 

VS: Jimmy’s San Francisco band/collective The Love Dimension is part of A Diamond Heart Production, which is my artist development label. I met him / heard about his band from a music writer & another band who is on the label. He reached out…we started talking & then maybe 6 months later or so we played a show together –we were doing similar things at the time, playing solo & I got what he was trying to do & we started working together….I started helping him develop his band. At the show we played, he also mentioned that he was a drummer & he’d love to drum for me if I ever needed a drummer so I invited him to do a west coast tour with me as I was touring solo a lot. It was fun so & we both decided we’d back each other & do a big US tour / help each other out as it’s hard to get regular players to commit to tour for long periods of time as a regular band especially when you’re building. And because of that very reason I was touring solo (because I love touring & didn’t want to wait around for anyone) but I’ve been developing my live show more & adding more players. This US Tour has allowed us to build our live shows & back each other on drums, or other instruments & build in markets more but also we’re able to invite different players, friends or featured musicians (which is what I do a lot of) or even partner up with other acts (we’re doing a East Coast tour with a great Boston rock Artist Carissa Johnson) & expand the live show. 

I feel like since I’ve been in the business so long that it feels right to give back & help other artists… especially on the development side or people I come across…I want to keep building, create community across the US, & change the world through music. Music makes people come together & helps us in life, gives us joy, hope & so much more. It’s not one person who can change world / music but it’s many! 


hl: You also run a developmental label, mind giving us a little info on that as well? Any major plans for that in the future? 

VS: A Diamond Heart Production is a artist development label, a label for artists in this new era but with old school traits and hands on ways! 
It was mainly created as kind of a umbrella to be able to do work on everything I do under it –everything from recording to art, imaging, & indie A&R to booking & release plans…I wanted an outlet for myself & other artists I believe in. I have had nearly every job in the business so I wanted to be able to offer artists a label / place that does everything, but on an indie level! Very grass roots. 

Let’s say a band has everything in place (record, some funds to promote record for radio & PR, image, live show) but they don’t know how to put a release plan or steps to take. That’s where I might be helpful or another example is if they need a record produced & art but have the people to push the release etc so there’s a lot of options & everyone is different! But these days since I’m building & touring a lot as a artist myself I’ve mainly been just focusing on producing / recording & indie A&R which are my favorite things. The label has a small digital distro side too & I will expand it more / grow it to do specialty physical releases like collector items (such as tapes & vinyl) & eventually I want to invest in other bands on a really big level & partner with a bigger label. 


hl: We know that your show on the 5th will be an acoustic set. Do you approach anything differently when playing something in a setting like that? 

VS: Yes, actually since they do it old school style (with no amplification) at Foxy Loxy I will def do some more mellow songs & maybe give myself a chance to sing a bit more of my quieter songs for a change but also just depends on audience/crowd! Sometimes I see those environments as a cool opportunity to try out new material. 


hl: Mind letting us know about anything coming down the pipeline for you or for The Love Dimension? Any last words for our readers? 

VS: Yes! I’ll be coming out with a Tape (TBA) & new single of a song called “OK” (feat. Reed Mullin of Corrosion of Conformity/Teenage Time Killers & Producer/Musician Mikel Ross) which will come out in the near future (its being mixed right now). It was recorded on an off day in DC when we did a East Coast tour together in March. I will definitely be touring with them lot more in the future. I’m playing a the Star City Music Festival w/ them on July 8th in Brisbane CA. 

The Love Dimension just released a new EP called Acceptance produced by Tommy Dietrick on A Diamond Heart. 


Be sure to catch Vanessa and The Love Dimension this Friday, May 5th, at Foxy Loxy Cafe as part of their First Friday performance series in the Courtyard. Music starts around 7 and wraps up around 10 making it the perfect to get your weekend started right!

From the Editor

by Victoria G. Molinar

It’s always cool having an intern who’s into music, but never did I anticipate that my intern would be recruited by one of her interviewees! 

This past Easter Sunday at The Lowbrow Palace, our intern Andrea Sandoval performed with L.A.-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Vanessa Silberman and Jimmy Dias, guitarist and founder of San Francisco psychedelic rock outfit The Love Dimension. While interviewing the two for us last month, they both asked her if she could play bass. A yes turned into a double yes when they asked if she’d like to join them on stage. 

I really commend Andrea, not only charging forward with the decision on a whim, but for also squeezing in practice between working, interning for us and attending classes at UTEP, where she double majors in creative writing and multimedia journalism. Plus, she performed a late show on a school night! 

The performances were packed with energy, Vanessa and Jimmy were genuinely friendly – and most importantly – it was really awesome seeing Andrea on stage. To say I’m proud of her is an understatement. Part of what makes a good writer is being well rounded, and she definitely fits the bill.


The Love Dimension, Acceptance EP Review

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating * * * * 

Dealing with loss is not an easy matter, for all the self help books designed to guide you through the stages, the feelings you are bound to have many times in your life, for all the psychotherapists and the less than helpful friends who might not quite understand the depth of your emotion, they never truly seem to go anywhere near Acceptance; they cover everything else but Acceptance is the one stage in which everybody believes is just great, you have moved on and the world can turn again. 

Acceptance though does not mean not willing to fight on, to cover new ground, you might accept that one option in life is now closed, that one particular way of living is now a book been read and shelved, but it does not mean defeat, it does not mean conquered, Acceptance is a gateway to even greater things, moments of purity, of unrequited love and the slaying of the beige and the unadorned, Acceptance is another stage in The Love Dimension’s way of living. 

The new five track E.P. by The Love Dimension is one that sends out good vibes, the feeling of contentment in a world drowning at times in sorrow of its own making, of taking stock after the fight but knowing the war is not yet over, there are just too many people making trouble for the sake of their own petty insecurities to ever rest, Acceptance is knowing that you cannot change the world, that you cannot alter everybody’s narrow point of view, yet it does not stop you from trying. 

The Love Dimension have once more explored the infinite and come up with a set of songs that celebrate life and see through its dark passages, an exploration that gets the point of existence and whilst not conquering it, asks the question of why so many see the road as impassable, full of pot holes when all they have to do is look to the verge and plough on in safe knowledge they are making progress. 

In the tracks I’ll Find A Way, the excellent Hey Wall Street Man, Would You Be Willing, The Cat Is Out and On And On, The Love Dimension once again vanquish the slave of monotony and offer a special kind of freedom to the listener, freedom to explore beyond Acceptance, it is a special kind of deal. 

Ian D. Hall

Q&A: Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension

By Andrea Sandoval

Coming from the Golden State to rock out the Lowbrow Palace on April 16 are Vanessa Silberman and The Love Dimension. 

An L.A.-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Silberman has her own independent label, A Diamond Heart Production, and has been compared to bands ranging from Nirvana to Patti Smith. The Love Dimension hails from San Francisco, a perfect setting to match their psychedelic sound that blends the musical essence of the ’60s and ’90s. 

Cool plot twist – what initially started off as an interview with Silberman and The Love Dimension’s Jimmy Dias turned into an opportunity for me to play bass for them at their upcoming Lowbrow show. I was over the moon, to be honest!

I got to know them a little over the phone before their trip to the Sun City. We talked about going solo, some of their songs and what it’s like to perform together. 

Q. Vanessa, what pushed you to leave your former band, Diamonds under Fire? 

Vanessa: Diamonds under Fire was essentially my band and I had different players over the years. I had been using the band’s name and identity for about 12 or 13 years and so much had developed over time. 

When I was recording the last EP, I felt like I was never going to get that “perfect” band and I decided that I just wanted to go solo, look at things completely different, and collaborate with different people. 

Q. What’s the story behind your recent single, “Hide Your Love Away”? 

Vanessa: When I wrote this song, I was wanting to record it in a very organic, raw way, but with a pop, ’60s kind of feel. Almost like Sonny and Cher or The Mamas and The Papas. It’s kind of a love song about being in a relationship but not being able to express what you want. 

I just wanted to try something extremely different from Diamonds under Fire, which was more alternative/grunge. 

Q. Jimmy, what is your debut single, “When Soul Love Begins,” about? 

Jimmy: That song is about connecting at a soul level or deeper level than where we are as humans … to see the bigger picture instead of being divided by different egos or deeming what’s bad or good. 

Q. Has any of your music been featured in any movies or TV shows? 

Jimmy: We had a song (“Had Enough”) that was recently featured in David Duchovny’s “Aquarius,” a show that was set in the ’60s. 

Vanessa: Diamonds under Fire had songs featured on some MTV kind of shows and some indie films. It’s my dream to be in a movie theater and hear a song in a big blockbuster movie. 

Q. How has it been performing together? 

Vanessa: It’s really cool! It’s such an amazing thing when you’re able to get people on the same page. My hope is that other artists can see this as an example to build community and help others during their performances. 

Jimmy: It’s interesting playing with different musicians and seeing how the sound changes, whether it’s playing with Vanessa, playing with people in The Love Dimension, or other musicians. I have to kind of calibrate myself to work with the other’s style. 

It’s been good, especially for the older material that I was starting to get kind of bored with. Playing with different people, I’m like, “Oh, that sounds cool that way.”

Cesareo’s pick

By CESAREO GARASA For The Californian

Cesareo’s pick 

Vanessa Silberman (L.A.), The Love Dimension (San Fransisco), and Crooked Folk, 9 p.m. Friday at Riley’s Tavern, 1523 19th St.; $5; 21 and over 

The Love Dimension is a psychedelic rock band based out of San Fransisco that sounds like they came straight out of the summer of love. Singer Vanessa Silberman comes from the other side of the Golden State and will be performing a set of her own music before joining Love Dimension’s 1960s time warp on stage. 

Crooked Folk, whose sound represents the darker side of the late-sixties, will bring their own style of doom and boom to the formalities.


  1. 1 I'll Find a Way 04:29 Info
    In cart Not available Out of stock
  2. 2 Together Again 02:58 Info
    In cart Not available Out of stock
  3. 3 When Soul Love Begins 02:47 Info
    In cart Not available Out of stock
  4. 4 Got Gratitude 2.0 03:21 Info
  5. 5 Foggy City Blues 02:27 Info
    In cart Not available Out of stock
  6. 6 Messenger of Love 02:53 Info
  7. 7 True Love Comes 'Round Again 03:48 Info
    In cart Not available Out of stock


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Presidio Twilight, San Francisco, CA

Presidio Twilight is back for its fifth season, and it's better than ever! On June 21st presents a summer solstice jam featuring psychedelic rock from Moon Daze and The Love Dimension.

Presidio Twilight, San Francisco's largest campfire features a delicious selection of international cuisine from a stellar lineup of local vendors. This event is a great way to kick off your weekend – so grab your blanket, bundle up, and enjoy fire-pits on the lawn, lantern-lit cabanas, yoga at dusk, live music under the stars, and the Presidio's unbeatable views. Presidio Twilight is presented by the Presidio Trust in partnership with Off the Grid Markets.

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Glory Fest 2018 Lineup:

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The Love Dimension 10:00

Schlotman 9:15

-15 min intermission-

Electric Vibe 8:15

Dirt Parade 7:30

Doors open @5:30 Show starts @7:30pm

5$-10$ suggested donations at the door Notaflof

More info coming soon...

The Love Dimension, Mother Island (Italy), Nate Porter (from Caravan 222)

Elbo Room, San Francisco, CA

The Love Dimension Mother Island Nathan Porter from Caravan 222

Dj sets by Darragh Skelton

Monday May 14 // Doors open at 9:00pm 7$ // 21+

The Love Dimension An ever expanding sacred psychedelic rock 'n' roll music collective that creates sonic architecture for the benefit of all sentient beings

Mother Island (Italy) Mother Island is a surreal, whimsical and lunatic space where five musicians resurface their primary and dawning influences. Mother Island is "A Magic Theatre, For Madmen Only". Mother Island is all in the eyes of the people.

Nathan Porter Drifter poet mystic mad head dreamer from edge city.

Psychedelic Rock Show in Jack London Square at Elbo Room

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Comedy Psychos

 —  —

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Comedy Psychos is back for another epic live comedy and music show in the backyard of San Franpsycho!

This month will feature comedian Ngaio Bealum joined by musical guests The Love Dimension and Derrick Sanderlin.

Our unique events are the only place in the Bay Area where you can find world class stand-up comedy and live music, plus beer from Anchor Brewing Company.

Quality buds JustHerb will be on site to keep the good times rolling.

We'll also have Limited Edition Comedy Psychos gear available!

At our last show, Comedy Central's Alex Hooper had the audience on the floor, and we expect the same level of hilarity this time around.

Be sure to like and share our Facebook and Instagram to keep up with further announcements about this show, and to be the first to know about the next one!

As always, this will be one of the most unique and fun experiences in the Bay Area!

Don't Miss Out!!!

1248 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA

April 7th, 2018 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. $10 at the Door $5 Early Bird

21+ must bring valid ID