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The Love Dimension CD reivew on VINYL ANACHRONIST 

The Love Dimension's Forget the Remember on CD I gotta admit that on most days, the idea of a psychedelic blues garage band from San Francisco sounds like a great idea. The Love Dimension, with its heavy helpings of reverb-saturated vocals and farfisa organs and a plethora of other fifty-year-old artifacts, easily meets this challenge on their new CD, Forget the Remember.  Read More

GAMH Record Release show confirmed 

Our Record release show is now official! We are playing at Great American Music Hall on November 15th, 2012. Tickets now available on the GAMH site. 

The new album, Forget the Remember, will be available online starting November 20th. Check out the video for the first single on our Video Section. 

Download a FREE Single off our new album, Forget the Remember!!!

The love dimension video, album single love on RAT BOY (belgium) blog 

THE LOVE DIMENSION! FORGET THE REMEMBER The Love Dimension is a psychedelic blues garage music group from San Francisco displaying an amazingly eclectic mix of music's past and future. Think: Spacemen 3, Jefferson Airplane, Spiritualized, Primal Scream, X, Blues Magoos, Ultimate Spinach, 13th Floor Elevators, The Youngbloods, The Byrds, The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, BRMC, Shocking Blue……Read More

Review of Forget the Remember on Damn Good Tunes 

As I sat down for the second time to listen to The Love Dimension's new CD there is once again, little time and so much to get done. "How will I manage? "I think to myself. But excuses pushed away I place the headphones on with the decision to finish up some artwork while I'm letting the songs play away. Seemed harmless and possibly fruitful, and it was - but something strange happened this time; I was taken on a trip, a voyage into the far and beyond…Read More

Review: The Love Dimension - Forget The Remember 

This five piece band are from San Francisco and were formed in 2008. They promote themselves as a psychedelic alt country rock band,with wide musical influences including The Doors,The Mamas and The Papas,Jefferson Airplane,The Yardbirds and Nirvana,amoung countless others too numerous to list here. They have recently signed with London-based label Smoky Carrot Records,having toured the east and west coast of the USA,and also the mid-west.  Read More

Dig This! The Love Dimension 

The Love Dimension has signed with Smokey Carrot Records and will be releasing, Forget the Remember, on November 20th. We received a lick of a stamp and experienced a highly psychedelic, garage-y trip. This band needs to stop playing the Bay Area and give us East Coasters some "love" in person. A good time is probably guaranteed from The Love Dimension who state they originally hailed from the Lost City of Atlantis and not San Francisco. And to think, I thought both locations were one and the same. Read more in an upcoming issue of  Dig This Real

New album being mastered 

Our new album "Forget the Remember" is currently being mastered. We plan on releasing it later this year. We are currently working on a video for the track "True Love Comes 'Round Again" from the album. We got some really nice footage and are excited to share it with you. Stay tuned. 

Our first full length album is still available at iTunes or Bandcamp. Please check out our music and discography pages for more information. Thanks! 

Infinite Blessings Soul Brothers and Sisters, 
-The Love Dimension

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